EFFO Lobbying & Regulation Working Group

The aim of the EFFO Lobbying & Regulation Working Group is to:

  • Contribute towards promotion of regulation of osteopathy as a primary healthcare profession
  • Support members of the EFFO towards achieving national regulation and recognition of the osteopathic profession
  • Collect and provide information regarding the regulatory process of the osteopathic profession

If you have general question(s) for the EFFO, please contact: hanna.tomasdottir@effo.eu For specific questions regarding lobbying and regulation in Europe and Canada, which can not be found on our website, please contact one of the following members of our working group:

Hanna Tómasdóttir, Chair – Vice President of the EFFO. Contact: hanna.tomasdottir@effo.eu

Lluís Horta, Spain - lluis.horta@federacionosteopatas.es

Michel Van Espen & Jean Bofferding, Luxembourg - jean.bofferding@osteo.lu

Nancy Spence, Canada – n.spence@osteopathy.ca

Evangelos Evangeloou, Cyprus -