Norwegian Association of Osteopaths – NAO (Norsk Osteopatforbund – NOF) was founded in 1993 and organizes most Osteopaths working in Norway. Number of members is about 375, plus student members. Member qualifications represent both part-time and full-time, as a part-time programme for physiotherapists was the first programme to be delivered in Norway. Since 2008 there is a well-functioning full-time 4-year programme in Oslo, at Kristiania University College. This programme is recognized by the authorities and students can apply for financial support (Høyskolen Kristiania).

Osteopaths in Norway have a good level of public recognition and are rather well established as providers of primary health care. The Norwegian parliament has recently decided to regulate osteopathy, and we are currently working with the authorities regarding qualificatons etc. We continue our efforts to build good relations with important stakeholders and do believe the future is promising regarding regulation.

Patients in need for an Osteopath can self-refer as there is no regulation or public reimbursement. There are though some possibilities of reimbursement from a couple of the major insurance companies. Membership of NAO (NOF) gives right not having to charge VAT. Osteopaths often work in close relation with other health care practitioners as doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc.

Membership applicants with qualifications from other schools than Kristiania University College are advised to contact NOF administration for further guidance regarding the application process. Please be advised that to become a member applicant will be asked to provide documentation of qualifications (Diploma, degree etc) and police certificate. Applicants who do not originate from other Scandinavian countries need also to provide documentation of language skills according to “Bergenstesten” or similar. Follow the link provided, to one out of many recognized providers of “Bergenstesten”: (Bergenstest)

Contact information:

President NOF: Tomas Collin, Osteopath D.O.