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The BVBO-UPOB is at this moment the biggest representative body for osteopathy in Belgium and is a member of the EFFO. 

Although osteopathy is not yet recognised as a profession, nor protected by a title, we are as healthcare practitioners well known by the public. Patients do not need to be referred (we work in first-line care without prescription) and have a partial refund of the osteopathic fees from the social security or from private insurances.

The BVBO-UPOB represents only professionals who exclusively practice osteopathy. We require (since 2014) a MSc level to become a member of our association. This requirement resulted from an advice formulated by an official commission of experts.

Given that politically no big step towards the recognition of our profession is expected in the short term, we are trying hard to set up a national register. This register should include all osteopaths who meet certain minimum criteria, such as: diploma, insurance, CPD and a code of ethics. We hope that after the governmental elections in 2019, new possibilities will occur for the recognition of our beautiful profession.


The presidency is at this moment  held by:

Dirk Segers, dirk.segers@osteopathie.be

For more information: www.osteopathie.be   Contact: info@osteopathie.be