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Call out for Research or Education presentations

We are excited to share with you all that our autumn event in London will be an international collaboration with five other osteopathic organisations to celebrate osteopathy. 

Save the date:  19 – 22 October, London 

The event organisers, a collaboration of the major osteopathic organisations in the UK and international associations, are now calling for presentations for the conference. Under the theme, ‘Delivering and developing excellence in osteopathic healthcare’, we are seeking workshops and presentations for inclusion in the streams of education, led by the University College of Osteopathy, research led by the National Council for Osteopathic Research, and clinical practice, led by the Institute of Osteopathy. 

We will be providing speakers for the autumn convention and are looking for research or education themed presentations. Have you got a topic you would like to share? 

Please complete one or more of the links below to submit your expressions of interest to present. 


We intend to provide a forum to share experiences and practices from a wide range of osteopathic schools and institutions. We welcome the submission of a range of types of work, including work based on descriptive accounts, educational experience of curriculum review, implementation of practice and educational delivery and assessment. 

For more information and guidance for submissions for the education stream visit here.


Talks can be on any topic, but they must be well-researched and evidence-informed. We welcome research studies and position ‘pieces’, well-argued philosophical ideologies, theories or commentaries. 

We would like to be able to showcase the work and the forward-thinking nature of the profession. 

For more information and guidance for submissions for the research stream visit here. 


We very much hope that colleagues in the UK and internationally will join us at this landmark event for osteopathy where we will focus on how we continue to develop excellence in osteopathic healthcare.