Aims of the EFFO

The European Federation & Forum for Osteopaths (EFFO)
is made up of representatives of leading professional osteopathic institutions from across Europe. We work together to share good practice and promote high standards across the profession.

The European Federation and Forum for Osteopathy (EFFO) aims to promote and harmonise the profession of osteopath across all countries in Europe, in the interests of improving public health and public safety.

  • We support member organisations working towards legal recognition and regulation of osteopaths with their national governments, promoting patient safety, standards of education, practice, and ethical behaviour

  • We encourage the development of good evidence for osteopathy, and education and practice standards such as the EU Centre EuropĂ©en de Normalisation (CEN) standard for osteopathic education and practice, and similarly the WHO Benchmark for osteopathy, helping member organisations make best use of these benchmarks

  • We build supportive working relationships with and between member organisations, ensuring that good practice is shared and implemented, projects are well managed and supported, and communications are regular and informative